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This is the temporary version of our DistroTweaks Downloads page. Our goal is to eventually offer a downloads page where anyone can download any of several DistroTweak options for free without the need to register. However, because this is a new process, for the next few weeks, we are offering DistroTweak files as a “beta” to those willing to help us test DistroTweaks on their computer and then give us feedback on how well the process worked for them.

In addition, while eventually we intend to offer DistroTweaks for a variety of Linux operating system Distributions, initially, we are limiting our testing program to those who have Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon installed on their computer or want to install Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon installed on their computer.

Ideally, you should clear all the documents off of your computer and place them in a USB external drive. You should also download the DistroTweak as described below and put this 1 GB file on the same external USB drive.

You should then download the Linux Mint 18.3 ISO from the Linux Mint Download page and create a USB Live Stick. If you have an Acer C910 Chromebook, you should follow the instructions on Section 3.3 and 3.4 of the following link: https://learnlinuxandlibreoffice.org/3-create-your-own-linux-computer/3-4-install-linux-mint-on-an-acer-c910-chromebook

If you have any other brand or model of computer, you can go to the same link and just follow Steps 4 and 5 which describe how to make a Linux Mint Live Stick and how to use the Live Stick to install Linux Mint on your computer.

Once you have a new installation of Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon on your computer, and have connected it to the Internet, install a program called Aptik by right clicking on the desktop screen and opening a terminal. Then enter the following commands one line at a time:

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install aptik

Copy the Distro Tweak file to a folder in your File Manager. Then extract the zipped folder to reveal the unzipped folder. Then point Aptik to your unzipped DistroTweak folder. Then click on One Click Restore at the base of the Aptik screen. Watch as several programs are installed in minutes. When “Do you want to continue” comes up, type in Y, then Enter. If an error warning appears, click “Skip All” to bypass it. The final screen that will appear after a few minutes stating “Restore Completed.”

To learn more about the DistroTweak process, and to learn what is in your DistroTweak and how it was created, read the following article: https://learnlinuxandlibreoffice.org/2-linux-to-the-rescue/2-4-introducing-distrotweaks

After it is completed, your computer will have nearly all the customizations of Linux Mint we describe in the following article: https://learnlinuxandlibreoffice.org/4-set-up-linux-mint

In addition, it will have all the customizations to LibreOffice we describe in the following article: https://learnlinuxandlibreoffice.org/5-benefits-of-libreoffice-writer/5-2-simplify-libre-writer

How to download your DistroTweak:

Each DistroTweak is about 1 GB. This makes it way too big for a normal Internet Download. We are working on a secure more automatic download process. But in the meantime, this is the process:

Step #1 Email your name and email address to springforschools (at) gmail (dot) com.
Let us know whether you want the AuthorTweak or the VideoTweak (which is exactly like the AuthorTweak but with a few extra programs for taking and editing videos).

In your email, verify that you have or intend to install Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon on your computer. Also let us know which Make and Model of computer you will install the DistroTweak on, how old the computer is and which processor is installed on the computer ideally with the exact model number of the processor.

We will then email you back a special Key to unlock the Download file – hopefully within 24 hours.  

Step #2: Once you have the key, access our currently hidden download page:


Here is what the page looks like:


Click on the download link for the DistroTweak you want. Note that the Author DistroTweak has a different key from the Video DistroTweak. This will bring up a screen asking you to enter the key to unlock the download:


Enter the key we emailed you. This will bring up the Download button:


Click on Download. It may ask you to create a free Mega account. This free account comes with 50 GB of fully encrypted storage. It takes less than one minute to create an account and requires only your name and an email address. Log into this account. Then click on the Download link again. Then screen may ask you if you want to sync your files. Click Skip in the lower left corner of the screen. This screen will appear:


Alternately, you may be taken directly to the above screen. Click on the Monitor if you want to choose a different folder to put the DistroTweak in. Then click OK which will begin the download. You can open your File Manager and open this Megasync Downloads folder. Initially, there will be nothing in the folder. Wait about 20 minutes. Eventually, this very large file should appear in this folder. If it does not appear, email us.

After you have installed the DistroTweak, we are hoping you will check the programs installed by your DistroTweak and email us back and let us know which programs are NOT working. Hopefully, nearly all programs will work. But we are aware of one or two programs that may not work and we would like to get confirmation of this. Also let us know if there are any programs you would like us to add to future DistroTweaks.

Thank you for helping us test DistroTweaks.


David Spring M. Ed.